Hello, and welcome to my little world that is The Joy of Soy!

My name is Shiree, and I am a self taught candle maker living in the beautiful hills of Perth, Western Australia.

My love for candles began a long time ago, but I only considered making my own after attending a local market in Margaret River in January 2014. I purchased a handmade Coconut & Lime soy candle and loved it for its uniqueness and for not being mass produced. After many trials and testing I started to burn my own and give them as gifts. Soon friends and family started to put forward interest in purchasing some of my candles, the business slowly grew and came together.

Each candle is handpoured by myself, in our little orange 1970's kitchen (hanging for a renovation!). A lot of love goes into the process, and I create all the stickers / signature candle names myself.

Each Joy of Soy candle also comes with an individually engraved timber lid, with our leaf logo. Customised lids are also an option, which is great for weddings, events or advertising your own company.

I hope you enjoy my beauties in your home. Light a Joy of Soy candle today and go to your own happy place.

Love, Shiree x

P.S - I am an avid dog lover, so please excuse all my photos of my beautiful flat coat retriever Storm all over my instagram page!